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Chairman's Letter - September 2023

Updated: Jun 5

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. Always the mixture of typical British weather, heat wave, rain, wind, but luckily no snow! I was fortunate to be on the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean outing recently which particularly enjoyed beautiful sun in the morning and very heavy rain just as we stepped on the boat for a trip down the river Wye. The cream tea waiting for us on our return more than made up for it!

Now September is upon us – a special month for us WI members as the 16 September is WI day and we will be 108 years old. For 108 years, we have been an organisation that works to educate and inspire women. Long may that continue. Let’s all raise a glass on the 16th to our wonderful and inspirational organisation

How is Oxfordshire Federation inspiring you? Well, I hope! I also hope you will be part of the many myriad of events that are taking place in the Autumn and leading up to that wonderful part of the year that begins with a “C”. I have also taken much inspiration from the wonderful things WIs have been doing recently – take a look at Over to You and see for yourself.

There have been many changes over the 108 years – most of us won’t have been born. It led me to reflect on my years in the WI and changes that have come about. Some of you may have noticed the change in some of our titles – Chair rather than Chairman – moving forward but never forgetting our past.

And the future! We have had a number of communications from NFWI – we have had confirmation that the NFWI Annual Meeting will be taking place at the Royal Albert Hall on 5 June 2024. As soon as we hear further details, and how to obtain tickets for both delegates and observers, your WI will be informed. It’s that time of year when federations are asked to submit any resolutions that they, or their WIs, may have. Again, as we receive more details, we will keep you informed.

My best wishes as always.

Tracy Strain

OFWI Chair

01235 765285

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