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Chairman's Letter - May 2023

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

This is my first letter as the newly elected Chairman of Oxfordshire Federation – still something I can’t quite believe. It is an honour to hold this post but also a little daunting!

I must firstly pay tribute to those Chairman and Trustees that have led previous Boards – I have been fortunate to serve with a number of truly wonderful trustees who have been an inspiration. Heartfelt thanks go to Pauline Goddard who has stepped down from her role as Chairman after 24 years on the Board.

I am also looking forward to working with my fellow trustees – I look forward to introducing each one to you over the next few months. I feel this is a new era – we have battled successfully the trials of the last few years - the sun shines as I write this which I feel bodes well for our future as a federation. Of course – the federation would be nothing without you the members and of course of which I am one and proud of it. To quote a previous National Chairman – the WI is what you want it to be.

As it is a change for us on the Board, so it is for you in your WIs – I hope by the time that you read this you will have signed up for the various workshops that have been organised at this time of the year to support you in your role – whether you are new to an officer role in your WI or are looking for a refresher – these workshops are just what you need. It is also lovely to see our various events proving popular and I hope to meet many of you at an Oxfordshire event very soon.

With very warm wishes.

Tracy Strain

Federation Chairman

01235 765285

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