Associated Country Women of the World


​ACWW Representative for Oxfordshire - Vacant



ACWW is an International Membership Organisation, founded in the late 1920s by a Canadian woman with a dream of uniting rural women from all around the world.  Today the organisation represents millions of women through more than 460 member societies in over 70 countries worldwide.  Working in partnership with its members and member societies, ACWW offers mutual support, friendship and practical help.

ACWW is the largest International Development Organisation for rural women, connecting and supporting women and communities around the world.

Its main aim can be summed up as EMPOWERING WOMEN WORLDWIDE by seeking to

  • Raise the health and standard of living for rural women and their families

  • Providing practical support to its members and help them set up income-generating schemes

  • SUPPORT education opportunities for women and girls and help eliminate gender discrimination

  • GIVE rural women a voice at international level through its links with several United Nations agencies.

ACWW has a uniquely down to earth approach, offering mutual support, friendship and practical help to its members, which together represent over 9 million women worldwide.This can be achieved through partnership, sharing knowledge, local activities, volunteering and funding projects which help to raise the standard of living for rural communities in some of the world’s poorest areas.

Since 1977, you, as Oxfordshire WI Members, have helped to raise funds to help support some of the more than 1,000 community-based, women-led projects through your ‘Pennies for Friendship’ and other fund-raising initiatives.

2019 was a very special year for ACWW, when it celebrated its 90th Anniversary. Since 2013 Oxfordshire WI members have raised  over £13,000 for the ACWW Oxfordshire projects through extra ‘fund raising efforts’. This has included the magnificent  money raised from donations of foreign coins and out of date currency. 

Thank you for the contributions to the Oxfordshire project from all our WIs across the county.

At present we are fund raising for the current ACWW sustainable water, sanitation and energy projects we are supporting .So give yourselves a ‘pat on the back’ and let us celebrate our achievements over the years and be even more determined, going forward, to support a charity whose aim is to do its utmost to eradicate poverty around the world.