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Chairman's Letter - April 2023

Well, this is it, ladies, my last Chairman’s letter.

There have been ups and downs of course but, basically, I’ve had a whale of a time ... twenty-four years on the Board itself which included several stints in the “top job” and quite a few as Treasurer. A back bencher too. The WI has given me confidence and opportunity.

Never thought I would be able to stand up before lots of members without becoming a stuttering wreck. Who knew I would be one of the lucky ones to attend Her Majesty’s back garden event twice, plus being presented to her on another occasion. I treasure the photo with me standing before her, made all the more precious now for obvious reasons.

I have met dozens of interesting people. Too many to mention individually. Some have been just plain daft or a little risqué. Earnest and knowledgeable is the category for others. One can only appreciate when the speaker has done some mugging up on the WI, before launching themselves in front of an audience of intelligent and switched on women (won’t mention a certain Prime Minister, of course, who caused a mass exodus from our National AM.) Been on outings, trips, and workshops. Numbers of meetings, impossible to calculate.

All has been a pleasure and I count myself very lucky. Got some much-needed fresh blood on the Board now and I wish them all the luck. The ever-changing face of the WI in 2023 is a challenge in itself. The very fact that it is constantly evolving only serves to emphasise our great organisation and how it is, different but modern, and it is still respected in so many quarters.

Good luck to our new Board members. Onwards and upwards!

See you around, girls.

Pauline Goddard

Retired Chairman!

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