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Chairman's letter - June 2023

I am hoping that by the time you read this that you will have enjoyed celebrating the coronation of our King – that you have been royally entertained with a street party or two and have sent pictures of your celebrations to Over to You. It is always a great pleasure to see the variety of ways WIs celebrate. My own WI created a street party scene in the village hall where we meet and we were very good and wore our red, white and blue! In true WI style we were well fed.

I had a look back at the words of wisdom that Pauline, our previous Charman, imparted this time last year. She encouraged you to come along to a meeting at Tackley and see how we do things – that invitation still stands. Don’t all rush at once! But please do – I remember tentatively holding my hand up when it was suggested would anyone like to join a subcommittee. Well since the time I raised my hand I have had the pleasure of running eight holidays with the ninth well under way for this November and a plethora of coach trips! All of which I have really enjoyed – though I do remember an occasion where I had the correct number (43) but not the correct 43!! I did eventually return three lovely ladies to their party and found my own three lovely WI members! And they still let me run day trips!

All that the Federation has to offer can be found on our website, on Facebook and of course in our wonderful magazine, Oxfordshire Inspires. Out in the depths of Oxfordshire the Directory Team are beavering away and putting together all the information for our next Directory which is a mammoth task – all of which would not be possible without our wonderful speaker selection days. So, take a look at all the federation has to offer and book yourself onto that special event – or look at joining one of the teams that put together all our wonderful offerings.

My fellow trustees and myself send you our best wishes.

Tracy Strain

Federation Chairman

01235 765285

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