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Hanney WI - 100 Years and Still Going Strong!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

On the 13th of October 1921, Hanney WI was formed. Today is their 100th birthday and everyone in Oxfordshire WI wants to join in saying Happy Birthday and many congratulations!

Here's some of the images from Hanney WI's history. When Hanney WI was formed, meetings were very formal as everyone was addressed as Mrs or Miss. Even so there was a lot of fun and friendship. There were many demonstrations of crafts and skills. One being Poultry Trussing and another a visit from Spirella Corsetiere. I’m sure the two were not connected!

Competitions included ‘a well darned sock’ and ‘the best use of an old newspaper’!

A special meeting was called in 1930 to discuss the raising of the subscriptions from 2/- to 2/6d. Now that seems quite a hike. Our £1 a year doesn’t seem so bad! The County Treasurer came to give the members a talk on finances.

Hanney is another WI that has, in the past, had their own cricket team and took on the men’s team!

In the 60s members attended a Country Wife course at Denman and at their next meeting it was decided that members over 60 should not have to do teas. Hanney WI is still very active in the village, and it would be interesting to know when the rule of 60 was repealed!!

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