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Chairman's letter - March 2024

Welcome to the March Oxfordshire Inspires.

March is an exciting month for us here in he Federation with our Annual Meeting. The goal of the Board of Trustees is to have a representative from each WI at Worton Hall on 26 March – so I can only hope you have indulged us in this wish. This will also give you the opportunity to meet fellow WI members as well as sharing with your WI what a brilliant time you have had. My seat is booked I am informed but you are more likely to find me lurking with the scarves!

It is a busy time of year as well for our WI Advisers who will be out supporting you with your elections – several of the trustees will also be out and about doing their bit to help the election process. I do hope you will consider standing for an officer position – as Hilary Dix, Chairman of Membership said to me “it’s for a year, not for life”. And that year will make such a difference to your WI. I shall try sitting on my hands at my own WI, but I am not very good with the word “no.” When I joined

the Board, my husband did ask if that meant I was out more – I said “yes” gingerly, thinking this may not go down well, but he said, “I think you should do it!”

We will also have our officer elections at our April Board meeting – you know you are always welcome to come along and see what happens. Here’s looking forward to the new WI year.

Love and best wishes.

Tracy Strain

OFWI Chair

01235 765285

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