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Chairman's letter - February 2024

Happy new year – I know it is later than it should be, but I do wish each and every one of you a wonderful 2024. Whilst writing this I have reflected on the past year which has seen me elected as Chair, we had several new trustees joining the board as well as experienced trustees continuing to support the work we do, and I know this will be just the same in your

WIs. I have taken much pleasure in watching you enjoy the many and varied events that committees have organised, and I feel it has been a positive year. So, I now turn to look at what 2024 might bring – looking at the Events Diary which you will find towards the end of our magazine sees another array of activities. So such to enjoy and learn from.

I am sorry though that one of our trustees and treasurer, Janet Kingdon, has stepped down from the board for her personal wellbeing. The care of us all must remain paramount so thank you Janet for all you have done, and we wish you well.

Looking forward – I hope you like the front cover, for which I must thank Janet Kingdon for, and she will be joining myself and my fellow trustees at Worton Hall. We are in for a brilliant day.

I have been asked on numerous occasions “what is happening with Denman.” NFWI want to create an educational model that works without a physical college and will act as a platform to inspire and shape learning, be flexible, adaptable and inclusive for us all wherever we are in life. Federations will have the opportunity to apply for funding under the Denman Grant Scheme – the grant policy and criteria is currently being finalised. By applying for funding, we as a federation, will have the opportunity to deliver in-person educational activities to you, our members. Until we know the criteria for the funding scheme, we won’t know exactly how it will all work but rest assured we will be making an application to maximise educational opportunities and help members achieve their aspirations.

Lots of opportunities – it is a privilege to be a WI member.

My love and best wishes.

Tracy Strain

OFWI Chair

01235 765285

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