Oversees and manages all aspects of the Federation including committees, staffing and policy.  Maintains contact with the National Federation and implements its directives and mandates.  Also responsible for the prudent management of all assets, cost control and the production of annual accounts.

Federation Chairman - Catherine Blaxhall

Burnt Cakes WI

email: catherine.blaxhall@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Christine Denton

Marcham WI

email: christine.denton@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Federation Treasurer - Pauline Goddard

Wendlebury WI

email: treasurer@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Jean Geary

Hanney WI

email: jean.geary@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Vice Chair Hilary Dix


email: hilary.dix@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Trine Lucy

North Abingdon WI

email: trine.lucy@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Vice Chair - Tracy Strain

Grove WI

email: tracy.strain@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Jane Probitts

Stoke Row WI

email: jane.probitts@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Mary Bakewell

Wootton District WI

email: mary.bakewell@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Graeme Gettings

Blewbury WI

email: graeme.gettings@oxfordshirewi.co.uk

Page updated on 1st February 2020

Federation office - 5 Court Farm Barns, Medcroft Road, Tackley, Kidlington OX5 3AL

Telephone: 01869 331081

Email: ofwi@oxfordshirewi.co.uk