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So much choice!

There are so many events to choose from, we wonder which of these will take your fancy!

Will it be finding out about the nature reserves right on our doorstep, or maybe the Christmas Show to get you in the mood for the big day!

Please book early ... this not only means you are assured of a place, but it also helps us know if we have enough people booked to make the event viable. So often, when we've taken the sad decision to cancel an event, someone says they really wanted to join the event and were going to book but it slipped their mind. Sadly, we cannot afford to run an event if we are not going to cover the basic costs. Sometimes, if we have reached the "viability number", we are able to keep the booking open a bit longer.

There are two ways to book an event: via the website or by calling the office.

Please note, we cannot accept bookings made by email or letter.

If you would like to have a step-by-step guide to booking via the website for a friend, please email and we'll gladly send one out to you and may even be able to talk them through the booking process over the phone as they do it on their own computer or tablet. There’s nothing that could go wrong that we couldn’t put right! There’s no chance of more money being taken from someone's account than they expected. So please, encourage your friends to have a go! In a world where so many things have to be done online, help us to help your friends make their first step in a safe environment.

Please make sure you have gathered the information you need before starting the booking process, whichever method you are using. For each ticket you are booking you will need to know the person's name, email (if possible, so they get all the information), contact number (mobile if possible), WI, emergency contact and their contact number, food allergies if there is a meal provided. In addition, for coach trips you will need to know which pick-up point they will use.

People have questioned why we ask for emergency contact information. Hopefully, it will never be needed but, sadly, we have had many occasions when guests at an event, or on a trip, have been taken ill or had an accident, some needing to go to hospital. As a membership organisation, we have a duty of care to everyone attending our events. We would hate to send someone home in a taxi, or to hospital, with no loved ones knowing.

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