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Meet the Board of Trustees

Over the next months, we are going to introduce your Trustees; you may know the names, but it's always good to put a face to the name and learn a bit about them.

This month we are introducing one of our newest Trustees, Edie Wilson, who is a member of the newly formed Foxy Ladies WI in Bicester.

My name is Edie Wilson and have only been a member of the WI for two years so what decided me to become a trustee?

By chance back in October 2022, I went to a WI Quiz night and had the pleasure of meeting the then Chairman of OFWI, Pauline Goddard. Within a fortnight she called out of the blue and let me know that someone had nominated me to be a trustee and would I like to attend a board meeting as an observer.

After my initial shock at thinking what on earth would this involve, with in trepidation I thought “always say yes if you can” so off I went in November to my first meeting.

I had the opportunity to attend three meetings as an observer, and this gave me a broad insight into what responsibilities a trustee has. Letting me have this overview of the daily decision-making and hard work that goes into events, managing finances, training and membership, I knew that this was the team I would like to join.

Then in March 2023, I had the honour of becoming a trustee - so what’s its actually like?

Firstly, it's more work than I anticipated. However, everyone has made me feel so welcome, that I am able to discuss matters freely with no judgement and then make an informed decision about if, or what, I would like to be involved in.

This so far has included being a trip liaison, attending another Federation's AM, and joining some sub committees. There is no pressure to do anything, but there's lots of encouragement from the team and your Board mentor so you are never alone.

Back when I first joined the WI, I wasn’t aware of what the Board actually did, but now I’m starting to gain an insight. With more new members on the Board, we would be able to have more Trustee involvement at both National and local levels, which can only put us in a better position to promote the NFWI principles and shape the WI for future generations.

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