March letter from Oxfordshire WI Chairman Jane Probitts

Updated: Mar 5

It’s a changing world we live in, and nothing seems to evolve faster than technology, so it was with a wry smile that I looked back at March News & Views last year to see I reported that the trustees deal with issues like upgrading our office computers. No surprise then that a year later I am able to report that the time arrived to replace our office computers and the new ones were installed during January – to facilitate running Windows 10. The old computers were, in the tech world, considered to be in their dotage and would not run with Windows 10. A few teething problems during the lead up and changeover but all now appears to be working well and we are grateful to the patience of our staff and the kind donation from the 400+ Club!

This decision was relatively straightforward, if not entirely hassle free, but other issues are trickier. One such area concerns how we ensure our members are kept up to date with what is happening in the world of Oxfordshire WI and we are aware that we don’t seem to have an efficient way of reaching all our Oxfordshire members. We often hear that members didn’t receive information even though we try to cascade notifications and updates from the Oxfordshire office via your WIwhether by email or hard copy.

In an ideal world we would like to introduce an additional way of communicating with our members who prefer to receive digital information. We want all our members to hear up to date news, notice of events and information relevant to help you get more from your membership. We promise not to bombard you with stuff, but want to offer you the chance to feel included by whatever means of communication you prefer. I know I’m not alone in thinking technology was supposed to make life easier and of course it does in many ways, but please bear with us as we make sure we have the right controls in place to protect everyone.

March is a month when many of our hold yourAnnual Meetings. A time to reflect on the achievements of the previous year and look forward to the year ahead. It’s also the time to thank our WI committee members, particularly the Treasurers, Secretaries and Presidents amongst us. I urge you all to support your committee and help where you can – it can be very rewarding. If you are considering putting yourself forward for one of these vital roles be assured that advice and guidance is always available from your WI Adviser or the office staff.

March is also the month of our county Annual Meeting. Yes there’s some business we have to deal with, but there’ll also be exciting news to pass on. Plus, Denman bursary winners to announce, as well as several fascinating speakers and the opportunity to feel part of an amazing organisation as our members come together from all over Oxfordshire. I look forward to seeing you there.

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Telephone: 01869 331081