GDPR is here to stay! Yes it may seem over the top for charities like ours. Help is at hand. OFWI has recently sent documents to WIs which will hopefully give you a starting point. All you need to do is to make them relevant for your WI.

Remember the GDPR gives you more rights as an individual to find out what data is held about you, who has access to it, how long it is held. You can ask any organisation to provide this information to you. Organisations can only hold information about you that they are going to use. They cannot ask for information in case they may want to use it in the future. For example, an old version of the NFWI Membership form as you to tick boxes to indicate your interests. Even though this was optional they didn't have a specific reason to collect such information and it has now been taken off the new members form.

As far as your WI is concerned, there is likely to be some work required to document everything and get your consent to holding information like your birthday (if your WI gives out birthday cards). Once it is done it should be reviewed annually to make sure there are no changes needed.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact OFWI at Tackly (click on the Contact Us page above).


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