Is Your WI Visible or Invisible?

Updated: Feb 22


…..and I’m a bit lonely and don't know anyone. I really do need to get out and meet people.  I’d love to meet some other ladies for fun and friendship – “What about the WI? - the very thing!” I hear you say.

Imagine my disappointment when I type into the www ‘Hedgeville WI’ and find no results, sigh….  Ah well.  I look in local papers and magazines, too, nothing is mentioned about our village having a WI. I try a nearby town, not really much there either.   I think I’ll join the U3A – it says here they meet in the Town Hall on the 3rd Thursday of every month".

Does this apply to YOUR WI?  Are they well-advertised on the internet?  Have a look at what comes up if you do a random search on your WI’s name.  Do you appear?  Is it exciting? Is it friendly and welcoming?

Look in local village and town publications, too. For example, I live in Blewbury, where we feature in a hard copy village newsletter, we have a Facebook page and the WI has its own internet presence.  However, we could advertise in Wallingford Round and About and the Didcot Herald.  So many opportunities!

Information might simply cover the day of the month and venue you meet and a contact telephone number.  On occasion, it might also cover a special event you are holding, a bring and buy sale, an ‘open’ talk, a coffee morning etc.

If you are stuck for text, your WI Adviser can give you 2-3 short snappy sentences to use.  Come on WIs, spread the word and share the joy about how much we all love being in our great organisation.

Graeme Gettings

Press Officer


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