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Innovations Saving Lives

We all know what the Oxford University medical research scientists were able to achieve in the fight against Covid, but people may not know about the other research and development that is going on all the time at the University.

Ox Vent, a social venture creating high grade, low-cost ventilators, is one such example. While the pandemic has had more twists than the average Agatha Christie novel, a team of engineers and medics has been quietly working round the clock on an answer to the global need for ventilation. While the streets were empty and workplaces deserted, this team continued to develop, refine and raise funds while planning its distribution to help the whole world. There are many more such examples happening here right on our doorstep in Oxfordshire.

But how do you turn an invention into marketable products and services? Drs Christine Whyte and Fiona Storey from Oxford University Innovation do just that. OUI is a wholly owned subsidiary of The University of Oxford. They assist researchers and students in bringing their ideas to fruition.

Come along to our Oxford Inspires event to hear about everything going on behind the scenes developing the latest new innovations. You can book a ticket by clicking here

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