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Does your WI have a Special Event Coming Up?

OFWI Facebook Page

Did you know you can post about your special events and meetings on our Facebook page? Just go to the OFWI Facebook page and create a post as you would do normally, and it will automatically be posted to the Community section of our Facebook page. So, if you’ve got a fundraiser or a special event coming up, why not give it a go!

We are keeping the main page for news about NFWI, OFWI - Board and Committee events, as well as the many WI campaigns and items related to those such as women’s issues/health/climate change etc., along with a smattering of news about what’s been going on in our WIs.

We want to support all events that happen in Oxfordshire WI but many of these are not directly related to the Federation – so our community page is the place for you to advertise your special event.

Your WI’s Facebook and Instagram pages

On similar lines, if you have a Facebook or Instagram page for your WI, make sure we know about it as we regularly trawl the FB and IG pages of all our WIs in Oxfordshire that we know about, and share what you have been up to in meetings. If you have a WI FB and/or IG page, please let us know – please email us the links at so we can follow you

Oxfordshire Inspires

Another great way to tell us what you have been up to is by sending in letters to the Federation Secretary ( to be included in the “Over to You” section of Oxfordshire Inspires.

We've had an amazing number of emails about your Jubilee Celebrations! To help the Magazine Team, it would be great if you would send your articles and photos in a particular way.

Here are the guidelines for OTY letters and articles.

  • Emails

Please put your WI’s name in the Subject Line, for example XXX WI for OTY

If your letter is an attachment, you can use the same name for your document XXX WI for OTY

  • Photos

You send us lots of super photos, but in the production of Oxfordshire Inspires they initially get separated from the text you have submitted. To help us marry everything up when we send them to the publisher, please would you name your photos in a similar manner and include a one-word description.

The name for a photo might be XXX WI cakes or XXX WI hats

We are happy for you to send more than one photo with your letter, although we may not always be able to fit them all in.

Please send your photos as separate attachments and not in the body of the email or in a Word document, and always made sure you have checked that the people in the photo are happy for it to be published. In addition to Oxfordshire Inspires, we may also use photos on our website or Facebook etc.

If you have any problems with submitting your article, just call Linda, our Federation Secretary, and she will guide you through.

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