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Challenge Winners Announced!

After last year's Annual Meeting, all WIs in Oxfordshire were issued the challenge to increase their membership. Every new full member they enrolled would count towards their total. The winners of the challenge would be determined by the greatest increase in full members since 1st April 2021 relative to the number of full members they had on 31st March 2021.

Overall, nearly 500 new Full members joined Oxfordshire WI over the twelve months of the challenge.

In third place was The Heyfords WI who increased their membership by 63%.

In second place, was Steeple Aston WI with 74%.

And the winners, with an amazing 264% increase are Childrey & Sparsholt WI!

All credit goes to the three officers of the WI, President Susie Empson, Secretary Ali Hepburn and Treasurer Catherine Nash, who were determined to save the WI for the village, and they have certainly done that as the WI is now full and thriving. Well done everyone in C&S WI!

They will be presented with the Pat Eades Memorial Rose Bowl in the near future. Pat was a much-loved member of Harpsden WI as well as a well-respected Trustee and Adviser for the Federation. The trophy was donated by her sons, Mark and Richard, who came to our Annual Meeting held on zoom and spoke about their lovely Mum and her love of the WI.

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