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Chairman's Letter - September 2022

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Have you ever thought how like our pets we become? I love dogs too, before you get affronted, but having current experience of cats, I feel better able to compare. For example … see below, but which is Cat Talk, and which is Human Speak?

“You must be joking, it’s cold and wet outside Cat Talk/Human Speak “I am definitely not going out there. I’ll let you know when I decide”

“I’ve just brought you fresh ingredients (Mouse) and you give me that boring dried stuff” Cat Talk/Human Speak “I am not cooking tonight”

“You’re lucky to have me” Cat Talk/Human Speak “Don’t get under my feet”

“Time to put another log on the fire, I’m getting shivery” Cat Talk/Human Speak I could go on …

I have two cats, totally different in temperament, but so readable, so honest, so vociferous when they want something. Our furry friends can communicate splendidly to us.

Sometimes, at the Board meeting I wish my human friends were more or less vociferous, more or less honest, more or less reticent. I could cope with the special miaows, which I think I have learned from the felines about what they really mean or want

I hope we can all exhibit the milk of human kindness at our WI meetings. Now we are all meeting up properly again, don’t just not turn up, ‘cos you can’t be bothered. Someone may be attending a meeting ‘cos they feel a little lonely. Perhaps haven’t seen anyone to talk to for a couple of days. Trust me, make a little effort and it will be rewarded. Can you hear the loud purring?

The speaker has made an effort to put together a presentation, surprisingly interesting, all about bar codes and their origin. No, I’m joking, but I can still hear some purring. I haven’t spotted a “laugh out loud” from a cat yet, but I know they have often given me a signal with their eyes from across the room. Perhaps in a few years’ time there will be a Cats’ Institute, though I fear they will only obey the constitution if it suits them and it’s not cold and wet outside. You see I have gone full circle.

I don’t live alone. I am lucky enough to have two felines who share my home and definitely plug the gaps and … oh yes, the WI plugs a few gaps too. Make the most of your membership and get plugging. After all, once you’ve paid your membership, all you need to do is sit back and purr!

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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