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Chairman's Letter - September 2021

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Dear Members

Freedom Day has come and gone. Not exactly seamlessly as there seem to be conflicting rules and regulations. The tabloids always make a meal of this with their take on what should have been implemented. Sadly, not many of us have failed to be touched by all the knock-on effects. Boris-friend or Boris-foe, would you like to be in his shoes?

Mandatory or not, I expect many of you will feel the security and comfort from wearing a mask. If it works for you then obviously, you must wear one. NFWI have issued some useful guidance on how to restart your WI meetings. Copies of this data have been sent to all the WI secretaries but are also available on MyWI.

We have been very busy at the office and each day brings a new challenge (that’s modern speak for “problem”). Nothing insurmountable and I know we will look back on this period with memories, not fond ones, but memories nevertheless! Our two lovely gals (Linda 2 and Jenna) are settling in at Tackley and finally you will have the opportunity to meet them should you be popping in to collect or deliver something.

We have lost some members who have decided not to re-join and will be having a membership drive soon to promote and publicize just what is offered by being a member. You faithful band who are reading this will know what I mean. Don’t plough all your spare cash into attending meetings of the usurpers aka U3A. We are still the same organisation, now dressed in more modern livery, and offering great experiences to all of you.

On a final note, I would urge you to get out and about. The end of the path leading from the front door can work for some, and a cheery hello might well promote a conversation. We all live in different sized abodes, so perhaps your driveway is too long for you to hang about casually, but WI members are nothing if not inventive. Who would not respond with a quick smile or wave? Yes, I know some wouldn’t but perhaps they are extra shy or dare I suggest, a little hard of hearing? Be magnanimous, think the best of them and pat yourself on the back cos friendship is one of the key features of WI membership.

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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