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Chairman's Letter - October 2022

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Looking out today on our scorched landscape, there don’t seem many positives to talk about. However, I will not make this a letter of doom and despondency and am determined to talk about the positives. Think about those magnificent horse chestnuts which proliferate along our road verges and are gentle giants in our parklands. I have always admired these arboreal wonders, attacked by some virus or other, turning their leaves prematurely brown, but still able to produce magnificent, oh so shiny, conkers.

Here I go again … just like the WI, strong tap roots, maintaining all our standards of yesteryear, holding us firm and strong as ever. Sometimes a little frayed at the edges, but still able to produce those wonderful fruits of our labour. Describes us perfectly. We can hold our heads up high and say we are strong; we are fighting our corner – figuratively, of course. But we can see some of our old faithful events filling up once again. Oh, how gratifying that is to see, not just for the participants, but for the gals who organised them.

What a pleasure it is to say once again: Sorry, fully booked, cannot accommodate another single conker … Sorry member!

At the time of writing (August 23rd in case you wonder) we have just said goodbye to Linda Thorne, our Federation Secretary. We wish her well as I know many of you may have met her and found her charming. The Board are spreading the load until we find a replacement and probably by the time you read this, we will have filled the slot, so, watch this space.

Nice to chat to you. Last time, CATS, this time CONKERS, trying to think of another theme for next time that begins with C … No, not Christmas!

It’ll come, haven’t quite had writer’s block yet.

All the best, perhaps see you at the quiz …?

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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