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Chairman's Letter - October 2021

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Dear Members,

This October letter being written on 21 August may already be out of date or contravening some regulation so, if I see men in white coats marching down the drive, I may have to curtail this abruptly. Was it me that mentioned recently that you go to the end of your drive and smile in a friendly fashion to passers-by and even start a conversation? I can’t see any white coats yet so no one coming to take me away. Perhaps the smiles and waves are working. You dog walkers out there are already halfway there. It is definitely an ice breaker if you have a pet dog to take out. Cats are a little trickier though; my two always follow me down the drive when it’s time to take out the bins.

I am determined to make this upbeat. Goodness knows there is enough strife and understandable angst around the globe without adding to it. So … no mention of negatives, which of course, does not mean we do not care, just that even Pandora’s box contained hope and that is what we must spread in globules (or whatever the collective noun is) in our everyday life.

We are currently working to add to the ventilation in our Board Room and purchasing a carbon dioxide monitor. Too much hot air in meetings may send it into alarm mode, but let’s see where we go with this. I know many of you are aiming to return to face-to-face meetings in September, so I hope this worked well for you. It is quite exciting. An opportunity to meet up with old friends. Enjoy and relax, some day we will have to move back into our established ways of meeting in person without a thought. Distance is achievable in many venues; let’s be sensible but not paranoid; let’s wave at our friends, but not hug them.

Another of our current jobs is working on the arrangements for many types of get togethers, Christmas Extravaganza, Speakers Selection, Chatsworth Holiday, competition entries and much more. We hope you will venture out and join in with us in whatever takes your fancy. Whilst thinking about your own WI, think too of the Federation, we most certainly need you. We need your happy smiles, we need your applause, we need your bon viveur. We need to feed on this, and dare I be so crass as to mention we need your cash. There are extra special fund-raising efforts being implemented, so watch out for these please and think on; times have been hard for your Federation too. The positive is we are all thinking out of that box I mentioned earlier, and I think there will be some surprises on offer.

Happy days to you all

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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