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Chairman's letter - November 2023

November! The nights have drawn in and the heating is on! Thank goodness I treated myself to that new winter coat – did I need it, possibly not but it is a welcome addition to my coat family. And I shall have to start my Christmas list ...

Now you may remember that last month I told you about the wonderful quilt that is going to be raffled at next March’s Annual Meeting taking place at Worton Hall. Your WI will now have raffle ticket books so that you can start purchasing tickets and making plans as to where you are going to put the quilt when you win it! We have plenty more tickets so don’t hold back.

Now it gives me great pleasure this month to introduce Kay Shortland, who joined the Board last March but as you will see from Kay’s WI journey that whilst she may be new to the Board, Kay is not new to the WI. I first met Kay when she was training to be a WI Adviser. Kay over to you.

I moved to Milton under Wychwood in 2006. My first time living in a village and life was very different. I previously had my own photography business, and now life took on a slower pace.

Settling into village life I was invited to go with Jacqui Trotman to her WI in Shipton. I really had no idea what the WI was about and that evening the speaker turned out to be a total misogynist! The then president apologised and said that I should not judge the WI by that one speaker. I persevered and that was in 2009.

Since then, I have joined the committee, won the Gold Medal competition, been President of Shipton under Wychwood, joined Milton under Wychwood as a dual member. trained as a WI Adviser, joined the Membership Committee and now, heady stuff, I am on the Board of Trustees.

It has been fun, and I was quite convinced I would never make Trustee as I am too outspoken, pushy and annoyingly enthusiastic about issues and causes I espouse. But there you are, I did and I am. I love being on the Board. I feel I can echo the concerns of those WIs I advise giving voice to the membership I look after. I hope my time on the Board will be productive, giving rein to my enthusiasm about the WI in general and Oxfordshire in particular.

Tracy Strain

OFWI Chair

01235 765285

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