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Chairman's Letter - May 2022

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Hello Ladies,

By now you will have heard the news that the four officers of the Federation have been re-elected and remain in the same positions, so you’ve got me again, trying to find something fresh to say to you all. Probably don’t have to introduce myself as most are aware of my flippant style. Naughty, but nice, like the cream cake is perhaps how you could describe me - see what I mean!

I hope I have the judgement to be serious when it matters, but I don’t want any of our members to feel as if it’s all doom and gloom. So, look out of the window, enjoy the Spring weather and the veritable sea of daffodils which are definitely not wandering lonely. I’m writing this on 29th March so perhaps you’ll forgive me if they’re all dead before you read this!

Now, without peeping, can you name the three editors of our magazine. Actually, they are listed below this letter, that’s right, bottom left. They are the unsung heroes of the newsroom, dealing with the frustrations of material being sent in late and leaving them little time to “tidy” things up. It’s all deadlines with them. Sometimes, it’s a pretty thankless task. However, l must show them they have been appreciated and recognized for all the several years they have given to the Federation and wish them all the very best as they sail off into the sunset or wherever it is that retired editors sail to.

They’ve made a joint decision to leave us and this May magazine will be the last one they help produce for Oxfordshire. So, it’s a big thank you to Jane, Penny and Elaine, enjoy the lie ins or the garden or the sunset. I do hope you enjoy yourselves and don’t miss the Tackley mob. We will certainly miss you.

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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