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Chairman's Letter - March 2023

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Hello All

I’m sitting here bravely in multi layers of questionable old T shirts which would not normally see the light of day at this time of the year. No visible haute couture items, but mayhap I will start a trend.

Every time I have a moan, I feel selfish and, dare I say, privileged with all the dire news coming out daily. I have always coped with things by remembering how there are so many suffering privations that we cannot even dream about. There is ALWAYS someone worse off.

Settling down for a dose of daytime TV one cannot fail to be moved by the tales of distress from all over the globe, in a series of adverts and requests for help. There’s not one good cause which fails to tug on our heart strings.

Life is strange; having written this tale of woe, I undressed for bed and got into “the giggles” having just found where that recalcitrant crisp, which had been missing since just after supper, had hidden itself. This is where I start talking to myself … yes, I am a silly moo, but I know many of you speak your thoughts aloud too. I think the light-hearted humour I gain from these “conversations” helps balance out the sadness and distress which surrounds us all. And then there’s the rain - days of greyness certainly don’t help much but, I return to my first thoughts above, there is always someone worse off.

On a much lighter note, we have several 100th birthday celebrations of Oxfordshire WIs taking place this year for which I know several will be partying. Have a good time, girls. Remember to take photos so the future members can look at, and marvel about, the quaint things we got up to in 2023.

Not counting, but the next letter will be my last as I have not sought re-election to the Board this time, and some other dedicated soul will be your new Chairman, and scribe. The injection of new blood can only be good for the Federation, and I am running out of ideas - so one more edition to come from me and, hopefully, I will be more upbeat.

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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