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Chairman's Letter - June 2022

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Hi everyone,

Still a bit nippy if you’re not directly in the sun ... Still, what else would we talk about if not the weather? I was right in my last letter - the daffs were all dead before you had the opportunity to read it. I daren’t mention the next plethora of blooms in case I kill them off too. (Dandelions excluded, of course.)

So, I’ll get on my soap box again, I’m a little concerned about applications for our event tickets. We know we have to climb back up the ladder to get the numbers back to pre-Covid levels, but I’ve been out to one or two WIs recently and it really was a pleasure to drink in the atmosphere of friends, old and new, getting together for a meeting.

So … don’t you fancy any of the trips and events we have on offer? None of the committee chairmen in charge of these has been left with the possibility of running an extra coach, or hiring a bigger hall etc.; they are more likely to have had to cancel as numbers have not reached a viable level. Do let us know if you think we are going horribly wrong.

Coach trips remain popularish. Perhaps this is in part due to the fact that Plastows, our preferred carrier, has maintained an extremely high standard, well above that legislated, of cleanliness and sanitising. Their vehicles are of the highest quality, and we know you happy trippers are as safe as possible. I’m beginning to sound like an advert, so I’ll end there.

So, we’ll try and offer events that “tickle your fancy” and are value for money. I hardly dare mention money. Remember that well known cosmetics advert that says, “Because you’re worth it”? Well, treat yourself to a trip out cos we think we’re all worth it too.

Naturally, we will be running the usual training classes to help benefit Treasurers, Presidents and Secretaries old and new. Whether you are a new gal and want to see if you are doing it correctly or would like to be “refreshed”, all are welcome. A minimum charge is made, which should be met by your WI, and you should find these sessions a real confidence booster.

Enjoy your summer, this is the start of a new era. It’s your WI so positive criticism welcomed.

Perhaps you’d like to come along to a meeting at Tackley and see how we do things? Don’t all rush at once. Drop a line or phone call to myself or the Federation Secretary and perhaps we can accommodate interested parties.

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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