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Chairman's letter - July/August 2023

Summer is upon us – it is the season of strawberries and sandcastles. I hope you enjoy our double edition of Oxfordshire Inspires – OTY shows all the lovely celebrations for our King’s Coronation. This is time now for holidays and to take that well-earned break. I know a number of WIs don’t meet in August – mine does so no rest for my lovely President but I am glad for those of you who take a break at this time of the year – so enjoy! The office is closed to visitors during August – the team will be there to answer phone calls, but they will also have the opportunity for a well-earned break.

The Board is settling in well and we are focussing on events for next year such as the Annual Meeting and a celebrity event. Nothing like a bit of forward planning. I am also delighted to announce that Catherine Blaxhall has been co-opted onto the Board of Trustees. Many of you will know Catherine from her time as Chairman, and her many years as WI Adviser – she was a brilliant support to me when I was a new President – she will be a welcome member to our existing team. We are now 11 strong as I said last month. There is space both as a Trustee or sub-committee member – so once the long, hot summer is over, please consider observing a committee.

I would like to take the opportunity of introducing one of our newer Board members Edie Wilson – Edie has written an article about how she became a Trustee, which you will have received just before this post, and can also be found in Latest News section on the home page of our website Edie was elected to the Board at the 2023 OFWI Annual Meeting and is already taking an active role on a few sub-committees.

Can I just say how much I enjoy hearing from members. I have had emails on various subjects which give food for thought – and always welcome. I had some wonderful conversations with those members on the coach travelling to and from the Annual Meeting. I also had a lovely phone conversation with a member regarding pick-up points for coach trips. My virtual door is always open so please do share your thoughts – positive and negative as it helps shape our federation the way we want it.

Have a wonderful summer.

Tracy Strain

OFWI Chair

01235 765285

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