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Chairman's Letter - July 2021

Dear Members

Are you all preparing for a bumper holiday in July or August? Now don’t go and double book forgetting your WI meeting. I hope so many of you will meet up in that sweet old fashioned face to face manner!!

New motto: Where there’s room, blow zoom, Face to face gets my Ace

Corny I know, but I never claimed poetry was my greatest skill.

I talked briefly about moving forward in my previous letter, modernising and all that.

Do you sometimes watch a TV advert in a bemused way and wonder what they are talking about or indeed trying to sell? Well, we hope never to be in that position with you! We’ve had a shake-up, but I hope no one has been omitted or by-passed. We are planning a goodly selection of meetings, trips, and perhaps a celebrity meeting in the Autumn. Don’t tell anyone as I haven’t even mentioned it to the Board yet.

We are going to put some definite dates together because we WILL be meeting, no more pencilling them in. Let’s hire the halls, arrange the talks, and go for gold.

I write this on the last day of May, just to say we never quite seem to catch up on the news. You may be a little punch drunk from welcoming fresh faces to our dynamic staff of two; it just seems the faces change … not the need for our staff. Dare I jinx it and say that Linda mark two (aka Thorne), our Federation Secretary, is settling in well as our newest member of staff. She is a little overwhelmed as we all concede there is a lot to get one’s head around but is soldiering on bravely - alone for the moment as Sarah Khan has now left us. Super-efficient, I think she will feel happier with a larger and noisier office. It has been rather trying to be left on her own so much. My colleague, Hilary Dix, has been helping us all out and both of us have tried to visit the office and support Linda as much as possible. Meanwhile a fresh start has been made in the search for a replacement Accounts Officer/Bookkeeper.

Now let’s hope Boris’ guesstimated date for us all to be allowed out of purdah works out as we all hope for the best; cross your fingers, avoid black cats crossing your path, whatever helps. This is a double issue - July and August so who knows what will be relevant by the time my next letter surfaces. I am smiling behind the mask or even smiling without one. What else can a gal do?

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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