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Chairman's Letter - February 2023

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Well, it’s all over bar the shouting now. 2023 here we come!

As our late departed Queen once said, we have been through a veritable “Annus Horribilis.” Her Majesty was never one to complain so this fairly mild remark was quite a strong comment. Think back to the sixties when “we have never had it so good” was the message from her Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Harold Macmillan.

I think we must all agree that change has accelerated in a way that would have been unthinkable only a few years back.

Do you remember the firm statements from scientists and respected “experts” that there was no proof of climate change and we should just accept any discrepancies as a minor blip? Looking out dismally on the troubles of the world, the troubles of Europe, Africa, and many other countries, I think it serves to underline how extraordinarily lucky we truly are in Great Britain.

Oh yes, we have strikers, people desperate for funding for basic necessities but we manage somehow. Many of us will have tales to tell about how we have been affected by shortcomings in the system, in government BUT sometimes it brings out the best in people.

We still hear stories of how people have worked together and sorted out small problems as a community … offered help with a smile, done some little act of kindness for a neighbour, found time to pop round and see if they can help with some tasks. I have encountered it myself from my dear friends and colleagues in the WI. Actually, as a person who has always considered herself a fairly competent and independent woman, I am eternally grateful for the hands that have reached out in friendship.

The WI has been a stalwart and sound support offering a special something to so many of us. Before you give up on my dreary letter, let me just say, my horizons have broadened considerably, and I have had so much fun. Join in, girls, laugh and be happy in the company of fellow members. Now’s the time to once again look forward to meeting together, treating yourself to a trip or outing, and not to feel guilty in any way, ‘cos when you come home there is still time to pop in and see your neighbours.

Friendship has no boundaries.

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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