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Chairman's Letter - December 2022

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Yuletide Greetings Ladies

Had a lovely time with my daughter last Saturday (29 October). We used my wheelchair, only its second outing, to whiz round John Lewis, High Wycombe Branch, and see all of their Christmas decorations and, of course, all the things you want but don’t need!

We giggled when going round the glassware, a nervous giggle I have to say, I am only a trainee passenger and Sarah a learner driver. It does one good to look and experience the trials and tribulations of not being in control. The worst bit was being “parked” by some precious artefact and commenting on its merit as a Christmas present for so and so. Very tricky when Sarah was level with the item, but I had been overshot by a few paces and it was behind me. She’s a quick learner so it was yet another thing to giggle about.

Well, we have just had a meeting of the Board and one of the primary things we discussed was Diversity, whether it be by race, colour, creed, well you can fill in the rest ... I am pleased to say that I truly believe we are on top of all these tricky categories in Oxfordshire.

Not the time for complacency, but definitely the time for examining our own consciences. Do we avoid some of the issues because “they are best ignored”? In a wheelchair, I was aware that some stood back quickly and some changed direction and shot down between bedding and tableware while a bemused partner thought they were lost!

The chair doesn’t go away, so I am using it as a metaphor. Speak to the new member in your WI. Shyness can be misconstrued as aloofness. What do you say to someone who is disabled? Actually, more-or-less what you would say to anyone.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and don’t overshoot the goodies on display, just park where all can see and appreciate.

Sorry, I’ve ended up lecturing again. Not always Miss Goody Two-Shoes myself, just trying to be considerate and tread carefully down the glassware display.

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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