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Chairman's Letter - April 2022

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

By the time you read this, if you didn’t batten down the hatches, chances are the hatches are no longer there to batten! Perhaps just a memory now, but I am writing this whilst awaiting the arrival of storm Eunice.

I do hope you have all weathered any storms within your WI. We have lost a few members or even complete WIs but have not lost sight of the fact that people are coming out, meeting friends, renewing acquaintances and celebrating being an ordinary member once again. Of course, there is no such thing as an ordinary member.

There’s nothing bland about our WI. Do you remember when you first joined? I bet it’s changed radically since then. Are you able to look back a few years and remember with nostalgia how it once was? Is that a good thing? You only have to look around you. Electric cars spring to mind immediately. Perhaps you need a little electrification in your WI? Change can be the launching pad for our continuing survival and growth. I hope you are able to think about how you are perceived in your own WI. Moany Minnie who is never quite happy but manages to attend all meetings, or Newbie Nancy who wants to change everything. A little dose of both, mixed together and taken as an experimental cocktail can work wonders.

So, take a good slug or a more delicate sip but remember you are all valued and appreciated. We most certainly need you. Oxfordshire is in no danger of fizzling out, but we want to grow as a Federation and offer you all an activity or experience you will really relish.

Only last night, at a Board meeting I learnt about some of the complex behind the scene arrangements already being sorted by our sub committees for your gratification. There’s the glamour stuff like the holidays; who could resist the call of the Lakes? A special visit to John Lewis with a glass of bubbly and a voucher and goody bag. For the crafters too, an opportunity to try out a mixture of crafts and skills under the tuition of experts. This will be an all-day event and I admire ladies who do, as I am one who doesn’t. I look forward to hearing about some of the items some of you will produce.

Finally, we are all thinking about the most wonderful celebrations our WIs are planning for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. The WI will be celebrating big time.

Pauline Goddard

01869 240663

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